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Ordering information

1. Who we are. Nanoparticle Boutique is a limited liability company registered in and operating according to the laws of the European Union. Our main office is in Sopot, Poland, but we also maintain a representative's office in the US. We sell worldwide, and have customers on five continents. Our billing address is:

ProChimia Surfaces Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Zacisze 2
81-823 Sopot

2. Where to send your Order. You can place your order either through our European or the U.S. offices:

E.U. Office:
tel./fax +48 58 69 82 181

U.S. Office:

3. Information we need to process your order. To order the Boutique's products, please provide us with the following information:

(i) Catalog Number of the ordered item(s);
(ii) Detailed shipping address including recipient's name, email address and telephone number;
(iii) Information about payment method that will be used to purchase the chemicals.

4. Methods of payment. Nanoparticle Boutique accepts payments by credit card, wire transfer or check up to maximum 30 days net. Detailed procedures for the three methods are given below:

(i) By Credit Card. Our on-line payment service accepts VISA and MasterCard, and can process transactions up to total amount 3,000 USD per card per day. Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a link to a secure, personalized payment site. Your compounds will ship out by FedEx as soon as the transaction is confirmed. Items will be accompanied by an invoice. Note: For credit card orders, we do not require an official Purchase Order. Also, for orders exceeding 3,000 USD, we will split the payment into smaller installments.

(ii) By wire transfer. Upon receipt of a PO (by fax or e-mail), we will send you detailed information where to wire the payment. Your compounds will ship out by FedEx and will be accompanied by an invoice. Funds should be transferred to our bank account upon the receipt of compounds but not longer than 30 days net.

(iii) Checks. Although we do accept checks, we kindly ask our customers to avoid this method of payment whenever possible. International checks take 3-4 months to clear in the E.U., which adversely affects our cash flow. The ordering procedure for check payments is the same as for wire transfers (see above). Please note that we apply a 5% surcharge on all orders using checks as a method of payment.

5. Shipping. Products that are in stock ship by FedEx usually within 48 hours from receiving your order. The timelines for custom syntheses are negotiated on individual basis, and depend on the complexity of your nanoparticles and on the availability of starting materials. Delivery times to the U.S. and European countries are between 3 and 6business days. Please note that (i) shipping to North America and E.U. is free. For other locations (including Korea, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand) shipping is free if two or more of our products are ordered (ii) ProChimia is not responsible for any import taxes if such taxes apply.

6. Conditions of sale and terms of products use. (i) The products we sell are intended for research use only. Any use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited and should be negotiated with the Boutique's management. Customers interested in joint commercial activities should contact the Nanoparticle Boutique directly at or (ii) While the vast majority of our products are relatively harmless, they have not been rigorously tested for toxicity or other hazards. The Buyer assumes full responsibility to limit the handling of the compounds to properly trained personnel. Nanoparticle Boutique will not be liable for any misuse of its products and for any accidents or health hazards they might cause.

7. Customer support. In addition to the information provided in the Catalog, we try to answer, to the best of our ability, questions regarding the properties, stability and functioning of the particles we sell. Please forward technical questions regarding the products you purchased from us to and/or Please note that we are not able to answer questions from non-customers.

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